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Setting up your MS-Office: Let’s talk about tech.

To anyone considering buying a new computer/laptop and also wants to purchase MS-Office:
Hold your money! Ask if the computer is equipped with the MS-Office STARTER package. Chances are, it is.

The MS-Office Starter Package contains Word and Excel. The Word-version is surprisingly good and lacks only a few options (the document tracker is missing, a few other things too, but they are not used much anyway). Excel has a few more options missing, but it is still absolutely fine for the more average usage. The starter package doesn’t come with PowerPoint or OneNote though.

BUT: Unlike ANY of the other MS-Office packages, the starter package can be put on a USB stick and then be temporarily installed on every other computer. As soon you disconnect the USB stick, the program will be deleted from that other computer.

A very neat option and even if you decide to buy any of the full version, make sure you download the travel version off the starter package!

More information on what you can do or not in Word Starter and can do or not in Excel Starter.

Another way has been described at lifehacker, but sadly OnLive has made its software currently only available in the USA. They are working on expanding their services though.

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  1. Interesting. Microsoft are obviously trying to compete with open source software like Open Office.

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