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How do you keep motivated?

Don’t get me wrong I love running my own business and after 2 years I can’t imagine doing anything else.   Yet there are times when I look back nostalgically to that first 6 months when everything was new and shiny.   Keeping those energy levels up, both emotionally and physically, can be a challenge.

Here are my top 5 tips for keeping motivated

1. Have a plan

Knowing where you are going goes a long way to keeping you motivated and strong.    Review your plan regularly and make sure  it suits you business as the world around you changes and new opportunities come along

2 . Keep an eye on the cash flow

Cash flow problems are one of the biggest issues that can damage your motivation and cause stress.  Keep an eye on your bank balance , know when you are heading into the red before financially problems hit.

3. Look for new ideas and challenges

There may be a core of your business that stays the same, but look for opportunities to try new things, grow and challenge yourself.   Keep an eye out for gaps in the market and your business will remain fresh and exciting.

4. Surround yourself with people and good support

Finding like minded people who share your values  is really important.   Family and friends can be a great source of support but they won’t always understand the issues that you struggle with on a daily basis.  Find groups and networking opportunities to keep you in touch with other sources of support and advice.

5.  Take some time out, rest and eat right

Make sure you look after yourself and take some time out from your business.   Time out will rejuvenate you and help you cope with those future challenges that are sure to be ahead.   Don’t underestimate the need for a good nights sleep and a proper diet.


Now over to you.  How do you stay motivated?

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  1. I like your last tip… easy to feel guilty for taking time out when you’re self-employed but that’s what I did today… even though it was mainly tidying up outside the house it made a refreshing change and I got to enjoy the sunshine too 🙂

    My way of staying motivated is to connect with friends / like minded people… stops me from getting tunnel vision and I always find that encouraging others leaves me feeling more positive and motivated too

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