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How do you keep motivated?

Don’t get me wrong I love running my own business and after 2 years I can’t imagine doing anything else.   Yet there are times when I look back nostalgically to that first 6 months when everything was new and shiny.   Keeping those energy levels up, both emotionally and physically, can be a challenge. Here […]

1st year – Happy Birthday “I Assist Your Biz”

06th April 2012. Good Friday. Begin of the new tax year. In 2012 these two things fell onto the same date. And this day also saw the start of “I Assist Your Biz” – the official start I have to add. I was preparing the launch for 8 months prior to that date, but then […]

I Assist Your Biz – Administration and Language Services – Andrea Busch

Explain your business in fewer than 50 words. “I Assist Your Biz” provides virtual office and project assistance in German and English to medium sized businesses in the technology, mechanic and similar industry sectors. Why did you start your business? A former employer asked if I could stay on board for a project but as […]

TG Physiotherapy Care in the Making

For a start-up business diagnosing those aches and pains as you get your business running can be a full time job. For physiotherapists Tripti Gyan it is a vocation.

Gluten Free Food Nottingham – Samantha Burke

What’s it like to run your own business? Read the first of our member profiles to find out what ingredients make a good business.

The reality (TV) of running your own business

Whether we are talking about the The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den or the latest ‘Be your own boss’. I find myself fascinated as a ‘start-up’ myself, with the mix of experts and ‘wanabe’ business professionals and entrepreneurs who submit themselves to these TV shows. They thrive upon the tensions between expert and business owner. From the entrepreneur’s side it is all about passion, idea, creativity and the belief in a dream. From the experts it comes down, almost solely, to whether the business plan and the numbers actually add up.

Don’t Panic! Dealing with Stress for Start-ups

There is no denying that starting your own business is stressful. Whether it is dealing with cash flow, long hours or juggling the needs of your business against family and personal commitments, there will be times when you feel things are becoming overwhelming and wish for the security and routine of 9 to 5 employment. Don’t panic here are some tips for getting passed the pain barrier.

Can you explain what you do in 140 characters?

Who are you? Silloette of a person.

No I’m not just talking about twitter or social media. Having some short phrases that explain what you do is invaluable whether for on-line marketing or networking in the real world. When you introduce yourself for the first time, do you threw out an industry standard job title, or start a long lecture. Are you one of those people that will make my eyes glaze over? And I still don’t know what you do?

It’s all about the cash flow

I’ve been running my business for just over twelve months now.  As everyone will tell you one of the biggest challenges has been keeping a healthy cash flow.   When you start a business you don’t immediately have all the work and orders you need.  Like most small businesses you will have to pay your bills, […]

15 steps to create a readable PDF out of an image / scanned PDF

How to make the BIG small… or: The case of scanned PDF files Offering services as an Administrator as well as a Translator means working with text documents. Not all of those come in word, in fact, most of them arrive as PDF in my email box. That is fine. Usually. Well, it is great, […]